You’ve put in a lot of work building a winning team to market and support the online visibility of your business. As business grows your team will be taxed and may need support in finding the next foothold to continue scaling.

That’s where Think Big SEO can support your efforts with SEO consultation.

Rank Higher In Google

Never Stop Improving

Every team, no matter how experienced its members, can benefit from working to constantly improve. That’s the approach we take to SEO Consulting.

We’ll review your team’s efforts, concerns and struggles, past campaigns, a wealth of data, and your business goals. From there we can build a strategy that leverages all your team’s strengths while pinpointing opportunities for improvement to make them even more effective.

Here’s what you can expect from our SEO Consulting services:

SEO Execution Guidelines

If your team already has a vision in mind for search optimization but they’re struggling a bit with how to implement and execute, we can provide the roadmap that will make it easy to navigate the touch technical aspects of your SEO strategy.

SEO Audit

Audits and analysis can be time consuming. With SEO consulting, we’ll compile a detailed analysis of your site’s technical SEO, on-page optimization, off-site opportunities and more. Once your audit is finished we’ll review the report with you, providing insight into prioritization and next-steps you should take.

SEO Audit

Software Optimization

There’s no shortage of software, platforms, plugins, and extensions designed to help streamline how you manage your site, from content to products. Some are even designed to make SEO easier. But not all software works as intended and can hinder SEO efforts if not deployed properly. We can consult with your team to review software and development needs, and make software recommendations, so you don’t have to worry about technical issues impacting your organic search visibility.

Research and Analysis

Even for SMBs, keyword research can quickly overwhelm and leave even your most productive employees drowning in data. With Think Big SEO on your side for consulting, we can streamline your keyword research efforts, so your marketing team can focus on the big picture.

Research and Analysis

Competitive SEO Analysis

You know who your competitors are, you might just be struggling to break the neck-and-neck race you’re running with them. An outside perspective can be refreshing. With our consulting service we’ll help you break down what the competition is doing on- and off-site to pull in organic traffic. We’ll uncover what they’re doing that works and show you how you can do it better.

Re-Design ConsultationSEO Analysis

There are hundreds of factors that impact your sites visibility with search engines like Google. If you’re planning or have recently executed a website redesign we can review your deployment to ensure changes have little to no negative impact on your search rank. This includes a complete site review for other on-page and technical SEO opportunities to improve search visibility.

SEO Training

Most marketing teams are made up of people with a focused skill set. Our SEO training boosts the knowledge of your entire team, or just your SEO specialist, to give your business a competitive edge online. We can customize training sessions to match your needs and goals, from technical optimization training to content optimization, link building, research, and more. We’ll even provide templates and guides your team can reference after training.

SEO Training

Free your team up for big-picture execution. Let Think Big SEO consult with you to create a common-sense strategy that will help you achieve success and reach your business goals.

meet your expert at think big marketing

Bryan Driscoll
Bryan Driscoll
SEO Expert

Bryan brings to the team more than a decade in search marketing, specializing in keyword research, content optimization, and utilizing client data to maximize visibility among every-changing search algorithm changes. He spearheads Think Big’s white glove approach and is the primary point of contact ensuring our client’s success.

Brad Driscoll
Brad Driscoll
Developer & Social Media Expert

Brad’s experience in social media strategy has helped him grow his online presence to over 10 million viewers on YouTube. When clients need development work and a competitive edge online, Brad leverages his background in web development to deliver the best in user experience and technical optimization.

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  • SEO Consulting

    You deserve to see the rewards for all the hard work you have put into your business and website. You want to take your business to the next level and start attracting targeted, converting traffic. To do this, your website must be properly optimized.

    At Think Big SEO, we strive to give your online business a competitive advantage in search results. Through on-page optimization, link building, competitor analysis, and keyword research our SEO consulting services are geared to help you and your team take your website to the next level.

  • Marketing Strategies

    You know your business and target audience best. By listening to the specific needs of your business, we tailor our marketing strategies specifically to fit your business model.

    We work with small and medium-sized businesses offering powerful strategies that give real, measurable results.

    Our goal is to help you come up with an effective strategy for your website to attract relevant, converting traffic to help your business grow the way it deserves.

  • SEO Training

    We understand that not all businesses have a large budget. If you are working on a tight budget, our SEO consultants can create easy-to-follow SEO template for your team to follow. This includes sharing our expert content writing templates, providing instructions on how to do your own keyword research, and creating checklists for your team to optimize your website in-house.

  • Website
    Re-Design Consulting

    Considering re-designing your website? Our SEO consultants will ensure that the changes you make do not crush your search rankings.

    We also help you make sure your website is SEO friendly. Using our comprehensive Think Big SEO Strategy, we analyze on-page optimization factors like site architecture, page speed, mobile friendliness, meta tags, page performance, duplicate content, and much more.

  • Competitor Research

    Wondering how your competition is ranking so well? Our SEO consultants research your competition to develop strategies for you to determine which competitor strategies will also work for your business, allowing you to gain more of the market share.

  • SEO Training

    We’ll work across departments – starting from training developers on the technical aspects of SEO to teaching content optimization techniques to your content team. Our SEO consultant will create a customized SEO plan specifically designed for you and your team.

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