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For an ecommerce company, SEO can be everything. That is why it is vital to make sure that any business based in ecommerce has the proper tools to optimize their website to be a prime digital marketplace. That’s where we come in. SEO can be hard to wrap your head around as a company, which is why it is often extremely beneficial to online businesses to work with SEO agencies like us in order to strategize for, optimize for, and cater to the way the internet shapes the marketplace. Enhancing the SEO of your ecommerce business can help grow your business exponentially and become a very valuable asset all by making some very specific and often fairly nuanced changes.

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Ecommerce SEO

How can ecommerce SEO services help me grow my business?

The services that an SEO agency can provide to an ecommerce business are invaluable for entrepreneurs. You’re in the business of making money; but you can’t make money if potential customers can’t find you. The internet is packed with places advertising to potential customers and online businesses trying to make a buck, and even niche industries face quite a bit of competition.

One of the best ways that your business can set itself apart from competitors is by optimizing your site’s content, therein allowing search engines to prefer your website in search results (instead of theirs). There are many websites hosting online businesses, so being readily available in a customer’s search results can ultimately be the difference between being in the red and being in the black. This is critical for an ecommerce company whose web traffic may seem to be stagnating or a company that simply wishes to grow beyond its current bounds. Ecommerce SEO services are especially useful for smaller ecommerce markets, because without the large marketing budgets that big retailers have, the best way for an online business to gain new traffic can be to optimize their search engine results so that you get more favorable placement and therefore, more traffic and sales. Whether you’re just starting out or already established in your industry, contact us to see how our ecommerce SEO company can help you.

Ecommerce SEO

How ecommerce SEO experts can help you grow on Shopify and WordPress?

There are many platforms that allow people to build and host sites. In fact, you may use a platform to help you operate your business. High-five!

One popular platform is Shopify: a popular ecommerce platform that allows users a great deal of control over their online storefronts. It is a common host for many online sellers, and if you’re running your business via Shopify, we’ve got the experience to boost your sales.

When working with a Shopify SEO agency, a professional ecommerce SEO expert can increase traffic to your storefront, thus increasing sales. This is one of our core competencies, and SEO agencies like ourselves often employ a variety of experts who help your business enhance its placement in search engines. Improving your SEO can also build your brand as a whole, bolster visibility, and build further brand loyalty. There are endless benefits of working with an ecommerce SEO company, many of which have direct effects on your bottom line.

Improving your brand’s SEO improves the likelihood that you will receive free advertising from customers. The more that your brand becomes a household name, the more that people will post about it on social media, tell others in person, and be more likely to seek it out when they want to make future purchases. This is priceless. Once you have started to establish a base, more growth will follow — all thanks to a nifty thing called ‘social proof.’ Additionally, improved SEO will improve brand recognition and add legitimacy to your brand. Even when a potential customer doesn’t personally know anyone who has purchased from your business, the ability to search online and see other people talking about and reviewing your products can lead to further sales. Pretty cool, huh?

Ecommerce SEO

WordPress is another popular platform for ecommerce businesses, and we have plenty of experience with this platform as well. Whether your business is purely ecommerce or if you have blogs and long-form content, we can create an WordPress SEO strategy that will work wonders through the use of keywords. It sounds straightforward, but our years of experience have made us ecommerce SEO experts.Keywords are one of the most vital ways to bring traffic to a website — but they only work as intended when deployed properly. Having a good ranking for relevant keywords can be the difference between getting the sale or getting lost in the shuffle, but what exactly are those keywords? Let us tell you.

With the help of an SEO agency like Think Big, you can optimize targeted keywords, improve your ranking, and make those sales. As you move higher and higher up the search engine ranking system, you will see growth in your traffic as more people are likely to stumble on your content while perusing the web. However, there is more to keywords than just making you appear higher in search results.

Keyword optimization has a twofold effect on your search engine optimization. Simply ranking for a keyword isn’t enough; it must be relevant and useful as well. The more often the link to your website gets clicked on when someone searches for a keyword, the more likely a search engine is to continue showing your link to people. Essentially, visitor habits can help a search engine decide what’s hot and what’s not. When a lot of people are clicking on results to your site instead of one the ones around it, it sends a message that your content is something worth showing to more people as it appears to satisfy their search terms better than other results. This is an aspect of SEO services that can help an ecommerce site experience a lot of growth.

Is your head spinning? It doesn’t have to be. Drop us a line and let’s chat about Think Big can help your company reach new heights.

Ecommerce SEO