We are Think Big Marketing – a Pittsburgh SEO Company with our goal to keep our team small, our services intimate and affordable, and to get you big ROI on your investment.

Our experience and family-focused approach to operations as well as client services is what lets us consistently deliver on our promise.

Data-Driven Search
and Social Marketing

We never guess, assume, or rely on cookie-cutter SEO checklists. We think bigger. By analyzing every aspect of your business and your customers we can create a data-driven marketing strategy guaranteed to get results.

Data-Driven Search and Social Marketing

Omnichannel Optimization

Consumers continue to transform how they live, work, and shop. That change happens quickly and it’s not easy for brands to keep up. Our omnichannel optimization is designed to improve your organic visibility at every potential customer touch point no matter where they may be searching online.

Omnichannel Optimization

People Focused

While we think big with every SEO strategy we develop, we aim for small, tight-knit relationships with our clients. It’s important for us to focus on people, because that’s what drives your business and your success. We put in the effort to get to know you and your business in order to get you in front of the ideal customer.

We take care of building a constant flow of traffic, freeing you up to focus on service, build better relationships, and transforming that traffic into highly-valuable lifetime customers.

People Focused

Constantly Improving

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from years of client success stories, it’s that we can always do better. With the ever-changing digital landscape we make every effort to stay on top of trends in organic search and social marketing. From courses to webinars and conferences, we stay on top changes and trends in marketing and SEO to ensure we’re doing all we can to maximize the visibility of our clients.

There are always new opportunities to connect you to your target audience, so we never stop in our efforts to grow and improve.

Click funnel branding
Click Funnel Branding
Bryan With Neil Patel

Data-Driven Search and
Social Marketing

There’s no cubicle row lined with account managers here. You get personalized attention from senior marketers and SEO experts who have your best interest at heart. Whether you need full-service SEO or an experienced and reliable SEO consultant to support your in-house team, with Think Big SEO you get boutique agency service with big agency results.

Data-Driven Search and Social Marketing

Omnichannel Optimization

Improving organic rank is important, but that’s only a small part of an effective SEO campaign. Our services are designed to do more than get you listed at the top of search engines. With a full suite of SEO and marketing services like SMO, PPC, global and local SEO, and content marketing, we can help you get found, improve customer acquisition, and also create meaningful digital experiences that grow customer lifetime value and revenue.

Affordable SEO Solutions

Affordable SEO Solutions

We know it’s not easy for small to mid-size businesses to commit a chunk of their budget to search and social marketing. Our combination of a small, focused Pittsburgh SEO team of specialized talent and competitively priced SEO services means you don’t have to make a huge investment before seeing a return. We can handle all your search and social marketing under one roof – from strategy to execution.

Affordable SEO Solutions

Your Think Big SEO Experts

Bryan Driscoll
Bryan Driscoll
SEO Expert

Bryan brings to the team more than a decade in search marketing, specializing in keyword research, content optimization, and utilizing client data to maximize visibility among every-changing search algorithm changes. He spearheads Think Big’s white glove approach and is the primary point of contact ensuring our client’s success.

Brad Driscoll
Brad Driscoll
Developer & Social Media Expert

Brad’s experience in social media strategy has helped him grow his online presence to over 10 million viewers on YouTube. When clients need development work and a competitive edge online, Brad leverages his background in web development to deliver the best in user experience and technical optimization.

We’ll Help You Attract New Customers

Rankings are useful, but they’re not the end of an effective SEO marketing campaign. Our SEO services go beyond first page rankings. We focus on finding new customers that result in conversions.

We Offer Affordable SEO Solutions

We know that small businesses have to walk a financial tightrope. We know you can’t afford to spend millions of dollars on SEO marketing, yet need to leverage the internet in your favor. And that’s exactly why our SEO services are competitively priced.

We Have a Small Team

We keep a small team which helps us offer high quality SEO service campaigns for SEO Freelancer rates. What this means for you is that you get a big bang for your buck! We can handle your entire campaign for you or act as an SEO consultant and help your existing team stay on track.

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